Bruntwood Lane Hand Felted Wool Natural Soap

100% plant oil and extracts soap bars wrapped in New Zealand Corriedale sheep wool. 

  • Felted wool soap, made from triple milled 100% vegetable oil 
  • Wrapped in NZ Corriedale sheep wool
  • Gentle exfoliate, good for sensitive skin
  • Antifungal
  • Long lasting, 100% of the soap is used, so no more cruddy bits
  • Not slippery, making it easier to hold for children and the elderly
  • Comes in a variety of fragrances
  • Small and easy enough to post 
  • Use the left over wool felt as a jewellery pouch or add some fragrant oil and use as a drawer freshener.
  • Awesome unique gift idea for just about anyone!

Our soaps contain no animal bi products, nor do we test on animals.

How do they work?

To begin felting rotate and gently squeeze soap bar under warm water until it lathers. Repeat this process before every use. Rotating the soap in your hands builds up lather and helps the felting process.

The felting process is a combination of pressure, soap and warm water which help to mat the wool fibres together. Wool is also a natural anti-fungal and is a great exfoliate, helping your skin stay healthy with each shower. As the soap inside shrinks, so will all the wool around it, until there is no more soap ensuring 100% usage of the soap. No more slippery soap!

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