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Auroshikha Incense Sticks - Box of 10

Auroshikha Incense Sticks - Assorted Scents

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The scent from these incense sticks are so nice, just like the neighbours garden! 

Auroshikha incenses are considered one of the finest incenses from India. They are all natural, made from essential oils, barks, flowers and fragrant woods. Auroshikha has captured the light, delicate fragrances of nature.s the highest quality Indian incense. 
There are no chemical additives in the incense, which has a pure, light, lustrous scent that is excellent for purifying energy, whether it is to meditate, cleanse a room or cleanse your stones.The incense comes in hand-dyed hand-crafted paper cases with interior plastic wrap and are available in a range of scents

1 box contains 10 x 10 gm packets containing 10 incense sticks.

Auroshikha Incense is hand made by Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry which is associated with many charitable causes.

Auroshikha incense is made as per the guidelines of the International Fragrance Association, Geneva, Switzerland and is free from any toxic substances.

Handmade in India.



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