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Surmanti Pear & Passionflower Crystal Diffuser Set

Surmanti Pear & Passionflower Crystal Diffuser Set

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Delicate sweet creamy and exotic finished with rich French pear.

Optimising Luxury 
Gorgeously alluring - "surmanti black gold and bold lead crystal diffusers"

These limited edition diffuser sets are distinctive and unique each solid lead crystal weighs an impressive 1.1kgs each. At surmanti we have a legacy of handcrafting and the benefits that come from using natural ingredients and materials.

Surmanti diffuser scents are made with concentrated essential oils and premium ingredients typically used in fragrance design creating wonderfully complex layered scents that entice the senses - releasing the natural properties of essential oils that enhance our physical and psychological well being.

Surmanti CRYSTAL diffuser set the gift that keeps on giving.



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