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Genuine Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamps (Asst Sizes)

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These are authentic natural colour Himalayan Salt Lamps and each piece is unique in colour, design and size.

Note: The picture is an indication of what we stock. You may not get this particular lamp, but a similar lamp in the same weight bracket.

Includes: cable/lead and a bulb.

Taking care of your salt lamp:

The size and wattage of these bulbs makes them very fragile. To extend the life of your bulb please ensure they are screwed tightly into the light fitting and do not move the lamp while it is on.Salt lamps are designed to stay on 24/7 and turning these on and off will blow these small bulbs. Small and large power surges will also shorten the bulbs life. With proper care, these bulbs can last for months.

When the salt lamp is switched off, salt water may weep out of the salt. This is the water that the salt has absorbed from the air whilst on.  Put a place mat underneath the lamp to hold liquid as to not damage the surface it is sitting on.

Approximate weight (w) and height (h)

w 1.5 - 2 kg x h 17 cm 

w 2 - 3 kg  x h 19 cm 

w 3 - 4.5 kg x h 20 cm

w 4.5 - 6 kg x h 22 cm 

Larger sizes are available. Please contact us for more information

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