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Greenstone Pendant Triple Koru 50mm

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$143.99 NZD

Stunning piece of work! This would make a beautiful gift for someone special in your life.

The Koru represents new life or new beginnings, growth harmony and peace.

Note: Each piece is made individually so there may be slight variations to colour, shape and size.

Genuine NZ Pounamu

Greenstone called nephrite jade by geologists, pounamu by Maori and greenstone by early settlers. This material is mainly sourced from the West Coast of the South Island, NZ.

Pounamu was originally carved and sharpened into weapons and tools as well as decorative ornaments. The natural beauty of the pounamu has many colour variations and classifications. Pounamu is regarded as precious and given as a taonga (gift) it is an honour to receive.

Pounamu is a treasured taonga of the Maori people. Pounamu is carved in many symbols which are significantly spiritual to Maori. Such symbols represent ancestry, connection to the natural environment or attributes like love, harmony, friendship, prosperity, strength and new life etc.