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Lil Dreamers Moon Touch Lamp

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$49.99 NZD
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$49.99 NZD

This moon touch light is a celestial marvel that transcends ordinary illumination to bring a touch of lunar enchantment to your living space. 

The moon touch light is not just a source of radiance; it's a gateway to a spectrum of moods and emotions. The intuitive touch sensor empowers you to explore a diverse palette of colors, enabling you to seamlessly transition from warm, calming hues to vibrant, energizing tones. Whether you're unwinding after a hectic day, hosting an intimate gathering, or simply seeking a moment of tranquility, the moon touch light adapts to your desires with a gentle tap.

Elevate your living space, set the mood, and let the radiance of 16 different colors immerse you in an ever-changing symphony of light.

Bring the magic of the moonlight into your home!

  • 16 different colours through the touch sensor to create the perfect ambience for any occasion
  • Includes: USB cable for convenient recharging, remote control, wooden stand and user manual
  • 14.0(L) x 14.0(W) x 17.50(H) cm
  • Colour box packaging