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Ann's Story

Im Ann, a new mum and founder of Meshiqui. I discovered that being a mum you just don't have enough time in the day for selfcare.. or any 'me' time really! Before being a mum I would have all the time in the world to take my makeup off and do my skin care routine. Now well things and priorities have changed. I was also seeing all the wasteful products on the market and single use plastics and products filling up our landfills and thinking of the world my daughter would have to live in one day. I wanted to make a change and create a range of skincare products and tools that are practical, eco-friendly, sustainable and actually WORK!

Also being a mum skincare has become very important to me as I don't have time to put on my makeup, so less is more! I created my skincare products to be quick and effective. A lot of research and lab work has gone into each and every product to make sure they work and you see results FAST. I use ingredients which are backed by science and have scientific studies showing their efficacy. 

I hope you love the products I have created as much as I do, and know that making small changes in your lifestyle and skincare can have a huge impact in the long run. 

~Ann x