Price Promise

If you find a lower advertised retail price on an identical item which is currently in stock, we’ll beat their price by 10%, once we are satisfied that it meets our criteria.

This applies to New Zealand retailers but excludes warehouse, clearance outlets and online-only retailers. It also excludes items that are reduced to clear, on special or reduced for some other reason. 

Online-only retailers are sellers who may work from home and do not have to pay overheads like a shop owner does. Because they don't have the overheads that can offer cheaper deals.

Identical item means just that. It must be exactly the same product and brand. If you find that same product advertised you need to contact us and give us as much information as possible so we can follow it up.

If we are satisfied that a price promise is warranted, we will contact you and make the necessary price change.

If you require more information please contact us