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  • Bone Double Pikorua (Twist) Earrings
  • Bone Double Twist Earrings
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Bone Double Pikorua (Twist) Earrings

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Small, dainty and cute. These Bone Double Twist Earrings embraces both beauty and cultural significance. Crafted with care and precision from bone material, these earrings feature a unique design inspired by the Maori Pikorua symbol. 

Not only are these earrings a fashionable accessory, but they also carry deep cultural significance. They serve as a reminder of the enduring connections we share with loved ones and the importance of fostering meaningful relationships.

Each pair of earrings is hand crafted, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike, adding to their individuality and charm.

Size (mm): 26 L x 13 W. Comes on card.

Pikorua Meaning

The pikorua symbolizes the bond between two individuals, representing the eternal connection and intertwining of their lives. It symbolizes unity, friendship, and the strength of relationships.