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Collection: Genuine Bone Taonga

Welcome to our collection of genuine beef bone jewellery, hand crafted here in New Zealand. Each piece in this collection is a testament to the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of New Zealand.

Carved with meticulous attention to detail, our bone jewellery captures the essence of Māori traditions and symbolism. 

From intricately carved pendants to delicate earrings, our collection showcases a range of designs inspired by Māori symbols such as koru, toki, pikorua and more. These symbols carry profound meanings, representing strength, spirituality, and the interconnectedness of all living things. Each piece tells a unique story, allowing you to carry a piece of New Zealand's cultural heritage with you wherever you go.

Our bone jewellery is not only appealing, but also celebrates sustainability and ethical practices. We work with our suppliers who adhere to responsible sourcing guidelines, ensuring that the materials used in our jewellery are obtained in a sustainable and ethical manner.

Whether you're a collector of cultural jewellery or simply appreciate the beauty and significance of bone jewellery, our collection offers a diverse range of pieces to choose from.


Genuine Bone Taonga