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Bone Heru Pikorua

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This Bone Heru Pikorua, a captivating hair comb that beautifully embodies the intertwining symbolism of the Pikorua pattern.

Hand carved from genuine beef bone, this heru showcases the intricate design of the Pikorua, also known as the "twist" or "figure-eight" pattern. 

The Pikorua pattern on this bone heru carries deep cultural significance and serves as a visual reminder of the strength and interconnectedness of relationships. By wearing this heru, you embrace the values of unity, love, and respect, making a profound statement about the enduring connections in your own life..

Approx Measurements: 150mm L x 30mm W

The Heru

The heru holds cultural significance for the Māori people and was traditionally worn in their hair for both practical and symbolic reasons.

  1. Practical Use: The heru served as a functional tool for styling and managing hair. Māori women, who often had long and thick hair, used the heru to comb and arrange their locks into intricate hairstyles. The heru's wide teeth helped to detangle and control the hair, making it easier to maintain.

  2. Cultural Symbolism: Beyond its practical use, the heru carried symbolic meaning for the Māori people. It represented the status and mana (prestige) of the wearer, particularly for women of high rank or those engaged in significant ceremonies. Wearing a heru reflected a connection to ancestral heritage, cultural identity, and social standing.

  3. Spiritual Significance: In Māori culture, the hair is considered a sacred part of a person's being, believed to retain their spiritual essence or mauri. The heru was seen as a way to honor and protect this spiritual connection. By wearing a heru, individuals were acknowledging their spiritual roots and maintaining a connection to their ancestors.

  4. Artistic Expression: The heru also served as a form of artistic expression. These combs were often beautifully carved from bone, wood, or other materials, showcasing intricate designs and patterns. Each heru was a unique work of art, reflecting the craftsmanship and creativity of Māori artisans.

Today, the heru continues to be appreciated for its cultural significance and aesthetic appeal. It is worn during special occasions, cultural events, and as a personal statement of Māori identity and pride. The heru serves as a tangible link to Māori heritage, carrying forward the traditions and values of the past into the present

Pikorua Meaning

The Pikorua represents the eternal bond and interconnectedness of life, symbolizing the everlasting union of two individuals or cultures. It is a powerful symbol of unity, love, and spiritual harmony.