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Collection: Manaia Porotiti (Maori Musical Instrument)

The Porotiti, is an intriguing Māori musical instrument.

It consists of a disc with a cord threaded through two holes. Its gameplay involves looping the cord around the hands and giving it a gentle twirl to initiate the spinning motion. Through the application of alternating pressure and subsequent relaxation of the cord, the disc untwines, producing a soothing humming sound. Further, by delicately blowing on its vanes, it awakens, generating its own melodious tunes.

The porotiti is considered to be a healing disc, played above sleeping babies to break up mucus in blocked noses and ears.

This Maori jewellery item, crafted from bone, exemplifies exquisite beauty. Its double-sided carving serves to amplify the volume of its enchanting melodies. As a pendant, it can be worn gracefully around the neck.

Manaia Porotiti (Maori Musical Instrument)