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  • Bath Bomb NZ -Baby Bath Bombs 6 Pack
  • Bath Bomb NZ -Baby Bath Bombs 6 Pack
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Bath Bomb NZ -Baby Bath Bombs 6 Pack

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$19.99 NZD

Our Baby Bath Bombs are from our mini collection. They are a 1/3 of the size of our large tennis ball size. This are very full of fragrance and full of fizz. Every bath should be luxurious when you use our Bath Bomb!

Your box will contain the following

  • 1 x Bubblegum Strawberry
  • 1 x Bubblegum Grape
  • 1 x Monkey Fart
  • 1 x Fizzy Pop
  • 1 x Candy Floss
  • 1 x Watermelon

Handmade with love in New Zealand


bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, Epsom salts, cornflour, 

Why should you buy hand made?
  • Handmade is made with love
  • Handmade in small batches
  • Handmade is made with care
  • Handmade is made just for you