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Koa Organics Kawakawa Oil with Sweet Orange

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Soothing, powerful NZ Kawakawa with the uplifting scent of sweet citrus

The ever-magnificent super-powers of native kawakawa make another appearance in this luxurious addition to the Koa Organics range!

If you like the Kawakawa balm for its skin treatment ability, and you're looking for the ultimate massage experience, seek no further. Our locally harvested Kawakawa Oil with Sweet Orange is the perfect solution!

We already know that Kawakawa, when applied topically, is your skins best friend. You loved the balm for your itches, bumps, bites, bruises, rashes and irritated skin…
Now you can enjoy these benefits in a more concentrated and delightfully, naturally scented formula! 

Massage helps you to feel calm and grounded. We've carefully selected a blend of Sweet Orange, Frankincense and African Sandalwood essential oils so you can ride the sweet fragrance to a place of ultimate peace.

This premium body oil is here to aid your skin woes, ease the mind and help you feel grounded - with the added bonus of a luxurious application. 
Turn your skin-saver into a sensual massage or calming ritual as you glide the oil across the skin, gently massaging in this concentrated goodness for a feeling of healing!
Who knew something so simple could be so powerful?
This divine combination of ingredients means you can enjoy a heavenly massage that calms and grounds, inviting total body enjoyment whilst managing skin ailments at the same time.


Recognised for centuries as a natural alternative to help with the healing of skin ailments, often used in teas or tonics to help with digestive upsets. Loved for its natural anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties. Also great at keeping mozzies at bay, so this oil is a perfect addition to your camping or tramping kit!


This oil is cold-pressed from orange peels and brings a sweet, refreshing scent to our kawakawa massage oil. Sweet Orange has an uplifting and calming nature, perfect to help soothe stress, low moods, nervous tension and sleeplessness (can be helpful for kids with nightmares).


Thought to have a calming and opening effect on the mind, this delicious addition makes our oil perfect for meditation or times of stress and anxiety.African Sandalwood Essential Oil

Not only does this essential oil calm the mind and ground the spirit, but research has shown it can possess antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It also pairs beautifully with the other fragrances in this blend!